Everything But A Man



Low budget filmmaking is super hard ‘cause to be successful, you need money, favors, luck, skill, planning, talent and good-timing to all be working in your favor at the same time.

We were lucky to get this house location, but it came at the last minute after weeks of scouting and a lot of worry, sweat and tears. We still don’t have other locations secured and there was no time to rehearse with the actors or block scenes before we started shooting.

My investor, who agreed to give me the production money in 3 installments is no longer answering his phone and I need the second installment today to get us through production this week.

I ran out of money early because our line producer/UPM who is supposed to be the one managing the money stole it. She turned out to be a liar and a thief, and then left town and shut off her phone. It was my fault for trusting her and giving her access to the bank account, but it’s another lesson learned.

Luckily, my producer friend Steven who was a producer on Phat Girlz and a bunch of other big movies, agreed to come on board as a producer and also oversee all the business and PITA administrative stuff for us like SAG paperwork, permits, payroll and insurances.

I haven’t told him or the rest of the crew about the budget situation or I fear they might quit and not come back if we have to hut down and pick up shooting later.

Jimmy, my producer partner and co-star of the movie is the only one who knows and he said he can come up with the funds to get us through the rest of the week so not to worry.

Of course I’m still worried, but my dear mom, my biggest fan and supporter said she’d also help me out and loan me whatever is necessary to get us though production. I hated going to her to bail me out but I had no choice.

I still don’t know how we’re going to pay for post-production but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. This is not a great way to start production but I’m in too deep to get out now.

I’ve no idea what other obstacles lie ahead, but I know there’ll be a lot more because that’s just the nature of filmmaking on a budget.

Till tomorrow. Onward.

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